Tu bi xêr hatî Wîkîpediyaya kurdî! biguhêre

Spasî biguhêre

Silav GPinkerton, Ez wekî bikarhênerekî Wîkîpediya kurdî jibo xebat û alîkariya te yên jibo Wîkîpediya kurdî gelek spas dikim. Ez dizanim ku tu bi kurdî nizanî. Di xebatên te de kêmasî hebe jî, dîsa baş e. Serkeftin.

Kurdish Wikipedia user, I thank you very much for your work and assistance to Kurdish Wikipedia. I know you don't know Kurdish. Even if there is a deficiency in your work, it's still good. Penaber49 (gotûbêj) 14:38, 24 adar 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Translations biguhêre

Unfortunately, any translation does not translate sentences literally. Just update us the information in the Information box. Penaber49 (gotûbêj) 14:59, 24 adar 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Silav Penaber49 Thank you! Yes, I know about the weakness of the translator. (It's sad, for some European languages it works extremely well. The machine learns by practising, so the more is put in the better it gets.) I try to make sure I check the 2020 dictionary by Michael Chyet, and that the Kurdish can be translated back. I think a thing like [1] would be very useful here. It will help find pages in other languages for colleagues to translate. It should be imported, if possible. Please look at Kornwall and Gur and check for errors! If the machine translation is done carefully, it should be easy for someone else to check for the mistakes and correct them. This should save time. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 04:57, 25 adar 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Workshop biguhêre

Hi, Small wiki toolkits will be organizing workshops on Infoboxes and Wikidata, would you be interested? Sign up here! Balyozxane (gotûbêj) 14:33, 2 nîsan 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Google T biguhêre

Just a heads-up... Balyozxane (gotûbêj) 19:58, 1 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

@Balyozxane: is there a problem? GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 20:31, 1 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Fun with letters biguhêre

Latin Greek Transliteration of Greek Article name now New article title?
(from Latin)
New article title?
(from Greek)
Arabic script title now New Arabic script title
(from Latin
in bold)
Uitellius Οὐιτέλλιος Ouitéllios Vîtellius Uitellîus
ڤیتەللوس ئویتەللیوس
Uespasianus Οὐεσπασιανός Ouespasianós Vespasianus Uespasîanus Uespasîanos
ڤەسپاسانوس ئوەسپاسیانوس
Ualentinianus I Οὐάλεντινιανός Ouálentinianós Valentinianus I Ualentinîanus I

Ualentînîanus I

Ualentinîanos I
Ualentînîanos I
Oalentinîanos I
Oalentînîanos I
I ڤالەنتنانوس I ئوالەنتینیانوس
Ualens Οὐ̑άλης Ouálēs Valens Ualens Ouales
ڤالەنس ئوالەنس
Constantius I Κωνστάντιος Kōnstantios Konstantius I Konstantîus I Konstantîos I I کۆنستانتوس I کۆنستانتیوس
Claudius Κλαύδιος Klaúdios Klaudius Klaudîus Klaudîos کلاودوس کلاودیوس
Licinius Λικίνιος Likínios Lîkînius Likînîus
لیکینوس لیکینیوس
Macrinus Μακρινός Makrinós Makrînus Makrînus Makrînos ماکرینوس ماکرینوس
Maximianus Μαξιμιανός Maksimianós Maksîmianus Maksimîanus
ماکسیمانوس ماکسیمیانوس
Pertinax Περτίναξ Pertínaks Pertînaks Pertînaks Pertînaks پەرتیناکس پەرتیناکس
Septimius Seuerus Σεπτίμιος Σευῆρος Septímios Seuēros Septimius Seuerus Septimîus Seuerus
Septîmîus Seuerus
Septimîos Seueros
Septîmîos Seueros
سەپتموس سەوەروس سەپتیمیوس سەوەروس
Seuerus Alexander Σευῆρος Ἀλέξανδρος Seuêros Aléksandros Severus Aleksander Seuerus Aleksander Seueros Aleksandros سەڤەروسئا لەکساندەر سەوەروسئا لەکساندەر
Theodosius I Θεοδόσιος Theodósios Teodosius I Teodosîus I Teodosîos I I تەۆدۆسوس I تەۆدۆسیوس

( ثەۆدۆسیوس )

Note biguhêre

I see you're converting names to the Kurmanji alphabet, but there are some mistakes I would like to point out. First, words can never start with "u" in Kurmanji. The closest alternative would be "û". Second, two (or three) vowels cannot be next to each other, so for example "Lîkînîos" would become "Lîkîniyos" and "Ualês" would probably become "Uwalês". -- Guherto (gotûbêj) 10:51, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

@Guherto: It's a complex question, certainly. I'd like to experiment to see if some kind of consistency can be arrived at. Where the Latin "u" is acting as a consonant (like "w" or like "v") I think the closest approximation would be actually be "Wales" (oddly enough!), "Walentinos", "Walerius". But this doesn't work so well with other cases, like Nerua, where "Nerwa" might be a bit less good. I'm thinking also that perhaps these names should be used in their Latin spellings without creating a new spelling but instead somehow marking when non-Kurdish language Latin text appears. It would be good to explore whether there would be a way, like the italic title template, for non-Kurdish names to appear differently, perhaps in a different typeface. At the same time, these words would be shielded from being transcribed into Arabic script, so clicking the "erabi" link would show "Iulius Caesar" and not the Arabic-script equivalent of those letters' sounds in Kurdish: جاەسار (jaa-e-s-aa-r) which is of course nothing like how "Caesar"/"Καίσαρ" is supposed to be said, which should be something like "كێسار" (it's "قيصر" on Arabic Wikipedia). This could be done quite easily if the language templates caused the word to appear in italics and prevented them from being turned to Arabic. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 12:08, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide
In any case, I'm keen to work against the law of Hobson-Jobson. I'm not sure whether it helps to make non-Kurdish names into names that follow the rules Kurdish words and names follow. After all, foreign names are meant to sound foreign. This is true for all languages. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 12:15, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide
@GPinkerton: Hm. Indeed that method is complex because Uwalês is also wrong (I made a mistake), it should be Ûwalês but then there is another rule saying "ûw" is not possible. I think maybe the names should be left in original but it can't really be in a non-Latin alphabet. Perhaps some universal Latin adaption and then a part like (bilêvkirin: <in kurdish letters>). Bilêvkirin means pronunciation. -- Guherto (gotûbêj) 14:06, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide
@Guherto: If one uses {{bi-grc}} template for Greek text, the Greek text appears unchanged on the Arabic script page, but the transliteration is changed to Arabic even though the link in the template is still to "Latin alphabet". That certainly needs fixing somehow; transliterating Greek can't be done with the normal number of letters in the Latin alphabet (Kurdish or English), there are many necessary accents and sounds. Then consider that all the language templates seem to do this, so {{Bi-en}} and {{lang| | }} will show anything written in any language with Latin characters as though it were written in Kurdish Arabic script. It will ignore any special characters not used in Kurdish and leave them untouched. So on Afrîkaya Başûr, the English language name is given as bi inglîzî: Republic of South Africa with that {{Ziman-en}}. But on the Arabic script page this comes out as:
ب ینگلیزی: رەپوبلجئۆ ف سۆوتهئا فرجا
Which, if it were really English, would be something like "repboobljek sooth'aa frjaa" which is no kind of anything! It's just not reasonable to quote English and Latin (etc) using an abjad. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 14:28, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Inflicted forms biguhêre

Hi why are you creating articles in the inflicted (?) form? Florîdayê means "of Florida" as in xelkê Florîdayê = People of Florida, or li Florîdayê = "at Florida". This form is not used in one-word page titles. -- Guherto (gotûbêj) 14:40, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

@Guherto: They are redirects. That way, a link can be made easily without having to make a pipe-link. It also helps search engines (and the Wikipedia search) find the right articles for these words easier. Variant spellings, plural forms, alternative names, common foreign names, etc. should all have redirects to the main article. Obviously they these pages should never contain anything except the redirect. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 14:49, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide
Maybe it's good for search engines but "pipe links" are not needed. One can simply do [[Afrîka]]yê and it will show up as Afrîkayê. -- Guherto (gotûbêj) 14:50, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide
@Guherto: Yes but in the case of "Florîdayê", the link will not find "Florida" because of a difference in spelling, so either a pipe-link is needed or a redirect. (Or a change to the text.) Generally pipe-links are not as good as redirects. (see: WP:NOPIPE). American states' articles are an interesting mix of original spelling ("Louisiana"), Kurdified spelling ("Teksas"), and actual calquing ("Karolînaya Başûr"). Some standardization is probably desirable there ... GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 14:57, 15 hezîran 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Major biguhêre

Ez ne bawer im çima hûn ew qas li dijî ne ku 'Major PM full.jpg' wekî wêneyek infobox bikar bînin? Wê nûtir û bi kalîteyek çêtir e. Ciaran.london (gotûbêj) 09:51, 5 tîrmeh 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

I'm not sure why you're so keen to promote your version: it's dark, it has odd colours, and the subject has weird reflections on glasses, skin, and tongue. The fact one can see No. 10's door in the background is a bonus in the present image. If it were me in the photo I know which I'd prefer to see ... GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 09:56, 5 tîrmeh 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

The image I’m suggesting is better as it’s of a higher resolution and of better quality than your one plus it’s newer (from the time of Major’s term of office)

Your one is of lower quality. I prefer to see a good quality image in an article, sadly your version isn’t. Ciaran.london (gotûbêj) 21:21, 19 tîrmeh 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

I have told you why your claim that it is better quality is wrong. Both pictures are from his time in office. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 22:45, 19 tîrmeh 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

I've already told you the quality on the current image is worse. Ciaran.london (gotûbêj) 10:37, 20 tîrmeh 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

And I already told you were wrong. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 11:24, 20 tîrmeh 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Spamming biguhêre

You gotta stop this kind of spamming [2], [3], [4]. Don't add the template unless there are multiple interwikies Balyozxane (gotûbêj) 21:02, 21 tebax 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

@Balyozxane: why does it matter whether there are multiple interwiki links or not? If more data are added to the Wikidata item then more data will appear in the infobox (and in the infoboxes of other language wikis, if and when they are are created). Why do you say "spamming"? GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 21:06, 21 tebax 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide
Coz You are adding the template without checking whats going on and there is nothing to show on the template that's why it's spamming. When there are multiple interwikies at least we will know someone took the time to create the wikidata item. Do i really have to tell you that you are not supposed to add an empty template to all the pages? Balyozxane (gotûbêj) 21:08, 21 tebax 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide
@Balyozxane: Wikidata items are created automatically when Wikipedia pages are created; they don't take any time to create - what difference does their existence make? I don't see why having an empty infobox is worse than having an almost empty article, or worse than having no interwiki links. Is it not possible to make the template go invisible if there is no incoming data? GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 21:30, 21 tebax 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

Desiderata biguhêre

Sabotaj biguhêre

Silav, birêz GPinkerton , ez nizanim hûn ji gelê Kurd in, lê eger hûn ji gelê Kurd bin, bi rastî jî cihê şermê ye ku hûn van karên ku hûn dikin ji holê rakin Nexşeya têkildarî Kurdistanê, her roj hûn hewl didin nexşerêyekê xera bikin, mesela ev nexşeya ku hûn hewl didin ji holê rakin. [5] Çima hûn dixwazin Nexşeya ku hemû herêmên Kurdan di nav xwe de vedihewîne rakin û tenê di nava Nexşeya ku parçeyek ji Kurdistanê ne de bimînin??? !!!!! Tu çima ji bo rakirina van nexşeyan dernakevî???? [6]، [7]، [8]، [9]، [10]، [11]. Çima hûn daxwaza rakirina van Nexşeya nakin ku piraniya wan axa Kurdistanê di nava xwe de dihewîne, Azerbaycanê hatiye nivîsandin.Ew ji bo te cihê şermê ye Danial2703kurdistan (gotûbêj) 07:24, 25 îlon 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide

@Danial2703kurdistan: Tu çima ji bo rakirina van nexşeyan dernakevî? GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 09:39, 25 îlon 2021 (UTC)Bersiv bide