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Bot username renameBiguherîne

Hi, I'd like my bot Bikarhêner:Komputer to be renamed to User:タチコマ robot. This rename request is per my wikimedia wide bot username rename. I have decided to have a single username to more efficiently use SUL. Thanks.

  • If this is not the right place to make this request, please move it to the right place.

-- Cat chi? 15:58, 13 tebax 2008 (UTC)

Is there a reason for the delay? -- Cat chi? 19:12, 3 rezber 2008 (UTC)
Hi, sorry for the delay. I cannot rename the old bot, because the user account of the new one exists already. We have two options now:
1. I can rename the タチコマ robot, then rename "komputer" to "タチコマ robot"
2. I have given the bot flag to タチコマ robot, so you can just use this one.
Please tell me if that's ok. --Erdal Ronahi 20:22, 4 rezber 2008 (UTC)
15:09, 3 September 2008 タチコマ robot (Talk | contribs) Account created automatically ‎[1]
Ok, According to the log above the account was created on 3 September 2008. You granted it a bot flag the next day ([2]). The creation of the bot account was definitely by mistake. So, I'd like to pick option #1. Thanks. -- Cat chi? 17:28, 5 rezber 2008 (UTC)
Done per m:Steward requests/Username changes. Sorry, I accidentally did it while you were active. —Pathoschild 23:55:10, 05 rezber 2008 (UTC)
Hi White Cat, is this issue fixed for you? --Erdal Ronahi 16:26, 19 rezber 2008 (UTC)