13 tebax 2006ê bû endam
227 bayt lê hatin zêdekirin ,  berî 15 salan
kurteya guhartinê tune ye
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*Due to many vandal attacks on this Wiki I currently have got teporary adminship here. Other users with temporary sysop status are [[User:Liesel|Liesel]] (admin on de.wp) and [[User:Thogo|Thogo]] (admin on de.wikt).
*As a result of the vandalism, some users are currently blocked from editing Wîkîpediya. Because the vandals change their IP adresses quickly, [[m:Range blocks|range blocks]] can not be avoided. Regrettably this means that innocent people sometimes can't edit.
And, just to make clear what the range blocks I made today mean: Their only purpose is to minimize the number of blocked users in order to avoid blocks of innocent users. Also, the Open Proxies used were blocked indefinitely.